How to use Tor on Chromium

Step 0: Install Tor Bundle

First install the tor package (the protocol not the bundle).

If you're on OpenBSD, simply pkg_add -Iv tor as root.

Step 1: Edit the Torrc && the Hosts

Chromium is basically spyware. The code below will help mitigate it.

The code needs to run as root to work.

This filters websites by the hosts file: curl > /etc/hosts.

This filters websites by the torrc: curl > /etc/tor/torrc.

Launch the Browser

Use this command to launch chromium: chromium --proxy-server="socks5://".

To test to see if your browser is configured to Tor, you can use this.

Step 3: Enjoy!

I hope this guide helped!

This guide is working on Iridium Browser.

It should work for for other Chromium based browsers too.

You also may want to check this out to harden your browser when you're using Tor on Chromium.

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