My Email Address and Jabber ID


My email address is baobab at honeypot dot im.

This is my gpg key.

I can't respond to your emails without you sending me your GPG key!

This is because I don't use key servers.

I also don't store GPG keys permanently.

So if we don't talk often, please resend your key.


My Jabber ID is the same as my email address.

If you have a quick question you want to ask, feel free to do so!

You will need a client that supports OMEMO.

My OMEMO fingerprint is: ddc5e0ac 4e4b6761 caf98591 19a76b85 485b6fe0 36ce3e30 5ebaccfb fb863f08

I recommend using either Dino, Gajim, or Pidgin.


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